Steve Jennings

Steve’s passion with health coaching began when he was ten years old where he was the youngest of five children in a very poor household with a single parent. His mother suffered chronic fatigue syndrome and was often bed-ridden so Steve became the primary caregiver for their family. Unfortunately, he lost one brother to a mining accident and another brother to suicide just before Steve’s wedding. It was a tumultuous family situation and for many years he wrestled with the burning question – why was he on this really difficult life journey?

As Steve moved into his early thirties he also held deep resentment and bitterness toward his estranged father. One day waking emotionally drained from all the negative feelings around this he finally asked himself,

“There must be a better way… this approach is not solving anything. I penned a very honest letter to my father and decided that showing forgiveness was my path forward (with a lot of practice and determination). We are now on pleasant terms and by turning this emotional corner it improved my overall health.”

Steve uses a unique blend of his personal & professional experience, science and common sense to help others overcome their health issues and understand their purpose in the world. He also specialises in Menopause, unresolved pain & inflammation, mental health issues, sleep and stubborn bodyfat.


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