“Having A Productive Period”

With Meg Langston

In this interview, Meg shares incredible tips to learn how to work WITH your cycle to gain productivity in business as well as overall metabolic health. She educates us on the different phases of our cycle in addition to what foods to consume and what excercises to perform to best suit hormonal fluctuations.

Get Meg Langston's Free Gift:

The Rebalance Course is a self paced 5 Week Course that is based off of the 1-1 work I do in my practice. It is designed to teach you the foundations to eating a metabolically supportive nutrient dense diet, how to balance blood sugar, optimize digestion, naturally detox at home and more!

About Meg Langston

Meg is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. She works with women to help restore their metabolic health in order to recover from hormone imbalances, restore periods and recover digestive dysfunction. She believes the body talks back to symptoms and through body literacy and a food first approach healing and feeling their best self can happen!


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