“TRE & Stress Relief”

With Matthijs van Doesburg

In this interview, Matthijs explains his true definition of health as well as the path that led him to discover it. He shares the importance of TRE work and stress management for the purpose of releasing stored energy that may no longer be serving our highest good.

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I hate stress. Stress has driven me into vicious believe cycles of utter self-destruction and even into depression. If I knew these tools and knowledge (and used them), I could have been my own doctor. Over time, I learned how to become my own healer. Now it is time to share my learnings with you. I created The No Stress eBook with some of the best learnings on stress and getting it out of your system! It contains perfect tools and knowledge for: ✔️ - Job pressure ✔️ - Financial stress ✔️ - Relationships ✔️ - Poor nutrition ✔️ - Media overload ✔️ - Sleep issues There must be one that you recognise. BUT this eBook is not for you if… ❌ You do not like responsibility ❌ You believe that others can solve your problems ❌ You think that your problems are going to vanish from reading and watching video's

About Matthijs van Doesburg

A man shaped by injuries that forced him to understand and embody health.

9 Year ago Matthijs injured his left knee during (European) football practice. He stepped in to a hole and his knee snapped back. After that accident he saw 14 physiotherapists, 2 chiropractors, had a knee surgery, an MRI scan, saw a podiatrist but did not find answers.

He started shifting his weight to the other side and it followed chronic lower back pain, left jaw pain, shoulder pain and other pains. This happened in a timeframe of 5 years.

After that year he found his eureka moment due to PDTR. Gerben Hierck, helped his left knee to finally stabilize after 5 years of pain. It did not fix everything but helped Matthijs mindset switch to ownerships and possibilities. He started a YouTube channel and podcast to document his healing journey.

He became addicted to information and experiencing 'the not so regular' information. From deep spiritual work, to biomechanics, stress, plant medicine, light, water and magnetism, Matthijs did the work.

Today he shares his teachings in workshops, online education, and teaches people how to heal themselves.


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