“Messages from Source”

With Matthew Bailey

In this interview Matthew shares all about how energetic transformation came to be a staple in his life. He also demonstrates what a live channeling session looks like and how its helped him throughout his global technology entrepreneurship journey.

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About Matthew Bailey

Please check out my website - https://messagefromsource.com

I am a seasoned channeller of information from the Consciousness of Source. I also provide Energetic Transformation for individuals and groups.

Over many years, I have served multitudes of people around the world to assist in their Spiritual awakening and journey to live the life they desire. My gifts to you are to facilitate your sovereignty as an empowered being of Source energy. 

My access to Source not only serves people in their personal life transformation but also those in business. Source Channeling and Energy Transformation is ideally suited for the Conscious Entrepreneur.

I walk this walk in my professional life and follow the calling of my heart. My personal calling as a Conscious Entrepreneur has resulted in becoming an internationally recognised pioneer and authority in the fields of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and The Internet of Things. Having access to Source Information and Reality Creation practices have resulted in the beneficial transformation for our world. Find out more at http://matthewjamesbailey.com. 

I offer these same gifts to you. We work together for you to have access to your own Source Information and Energy to live a fully empowered life.

The Services offered have been rigorously tested and work.  Each session is uniquely curated by Consciousness and Source Energy for the individual or group experience. We impeccably honour the call of your heart to facilitate the freedom and life you desire.

For the past 12 months, I have been leading a private group in their journey as Conscious Life Entrepreneurs. All will admit that their lives have been radically and lovingly transformed. They live empowered human experiences. Check out - https://www.facebook.com/groups/2280545195583678

I very much look forward to serving the calling of your heart,

Namaste - I see the divine within you,



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