Intuition: Our Hidden Superpower

With Lisa Lodeski

In this interview, Lisa reveals the power that using our intuition holds. She explains the difference between thoughts and intuition as well as the many benefits of tapping into your intuition as an entrepreneur. 

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Discovering and developing your intuitive abilities will help you to gain confidence and trust in yourself when making decisions. Instead of going outside for answers, you'll go inside to listen to your intuition for guidance. Intuition is natural! You're born with it. You may not be aware of your intuitive abilities or you may lack confidence in trusting yours. My gift to you, an intuition mini-course, will help you awaken your natural intuition, trust it to help you make better decisions for yourself in life and business.

About Lisa Lodeski

Lisa Rose Lodeski is a soul coach and intuitive mentor. She works primarily with successful women in mid-life desiring reinvention, going through transformation, or craving change to create a more fulfilling life. The center-point of her life coaching practice is helping clients make new choices in alignment with the qualities particular to their soul, and using their intuition to make choices and decisions that are best for the results they are seeking. Truly Living with Lisa Rose is an online practice at


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