“Reconnecting to Your Innate Wisdom”

With Jeff Shub

In this interview, Jeff shares his journey as an ex medical doctor who found his ultimate calling in pursuit of true healing on the planet. He breaks down the difference between feelings and emotions and how most pain is simply stored emotions in the body. Jeff also defines each feeling (anger, fear, sadness and joy) and what signals they provide to the innate wisdom of the soul.

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About Jeff Shub

Jeff Shub is on a journey of discovering the deepest levels of healing. After leaving western medicine, his life has been dedicated to the real, human experience.

As the co-founder of a Podiatry group practice, life led him to the concept of barefoot living which spawned @theurbanbarefoot, a case study in how to do natural living in a big-city environment.

Little did he know, this was less about natural living and more about reconnecting with the innate wisdom of the body. Now, he focuses on deepening connections with the emotional body and studying its connection to health, community & better caring for planet earth.


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