Inner Work & Emotional Healing

With Emma Swan

In this interview, Emma dives into the emotional healing practices used to provide you the space to access your highest self. We discuss past-life regressions, unlearning societial and ancestral imprints and differentiating between the ego and the higher self. Emma shares deeply about trauma healing and reveals the truth behind why we think and act the way we do and how we can rewire our brains to access a new reality.

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About Emma Swan

My name is Emma Swan, I'm an emotional healer and for almost 2 decades, I have been helping clients create real and lasting change in their lives.

Using a set of profound tools which work at a deep level beyond the ordinary mind, I empower you to heal your personal issues at their very source.

I’m dedicated to helping you become free from traumatic imprints which cause unhealthy emotional patterns and damaging relationship dynamics.

And I’m passionate about facilitating a reclaiming of your inner depths and higher self, where real freedom and fulfillment can be found.

In addition to a BA degree in Communications and BSc Psychology, my training has primarily taken place with the Clairvision School of meditation since 2002.


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