Chandra Polyak

Since my early thirties in Hungary, I have been following my deepest desire and going on the ultimate quest: to find the purpose of life and live it well.

Growing up in the western world led me to have distortions around what happiness truly was.

I was consistently give the message that “more” brings satisfaction. More money, more clothes, more food, more, more, more – like an endless monster of craving. And yet, even when I was “overflowing” with all I could need and was able to purchase anything I desired, I hardly ever felt fulfilled I was missing the true spice and meaning of life, and I thought that something was wrong with me.

But a deeper part of me knew – there had to be a different way.

After two decades, cross-continental travel, and thousands of hours studying yoga, tantra, meditation, breathwork, coaching, I discovered that other way.

During the last 10 years, I have been running programs to de-mystify the process of transformation.

I am a Sex, love and relationship coaching, supporting both men and women in their personal transformation, to help them to align with their internal values, and to live a fulfilled and deeply satisfying life.

I am also running programs on “deconditioning”, from familiar, ancestral and social patterns and blueprints.


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