“The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms”

With Bryan Huberty

In this interview, “Bryan the Botanist” shares his passion for medicinal mushrooms and dives deep into the science behind what makes Live Ultimate the best mushroom supplement company in the world!

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About Bryan Huberty

Bryan the Botanist is the botanist and director of product development for Live Ultimate, a Miami Beach wellness and beauty brand and co-creator of The Ultimate Elixir, Ultimate Shrooms and other nutrition and skincare products. Bryan is originally from Madison, WI where he received a degree in botany and conservation biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He grew up on an organic farm and gardening with a thirst for studying the medicinal uses of herbs, superfoods and mushrooms, also researching nutrition as a marathon runner. Bryan has run over 45 marathons, winning 4 of them including the 2010 and 2016 Fort Lauderdale Marathons and 2012 Bahamas Marathon, with a personal best of 2 hours and 31 minutes (5:46/mile average pace). Bryan is also a high school and adult running coach as well as a DJ who performs daytime gigs and livestreams on Deep Radio London among other conscious events. Diving deep into labels, education, gardening and natural health are his biggest passions. 


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