“Holistic Fitness”

With Brittany Noelle

In this interview, Brittany shares her passion for coaching others into reaching their highest potential. She explains the benefits of reconnecting with and taking care of yourself first in order to cultivate confidence as well as continuous fitness inspiration.

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About Brittany Noelle

Brittany Noelle is a certified personal trainer and former Tier 3+ Trainer & Master Instructor at Equinox. She has a B.S in Physiological Science from UCLA and is a Bruin student athlete alumni, having competed as a sprinter on their Track & Field team. In addition, Brittany has several certifications including: NASM- CPT (National Counsel of Sports Medicine), NCSF (National Counsel of Strength & Fitness), Kettlebell Athletics  Level 1 & 2, TRX, Pre/Post Natal, and Precision Nutrition Level !.

Brittany likes to say that she does “fitness that fits you!” Meaning, she creates personalized workouts tailored to your needs, goals, and unique body structure. She has a passion for helping people reach their goals while staying healthy and injury free. All of her workouts a specially designed with progressions and regressions to make sure there is a safe and effective way to do each exercise no matter what your fitness level.

As a true student of the fitness industry, Brittany utilizes the most updated research in strength and conditioning to create the most effective workout programs to help people reach their fitness goals. She wants you to feel stronger and more confident at the end of each of her workout programs! She hopes to inspire you to push yourself a little further in each workout to help you keep recreating your best self.


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