“Intuitive Eating Principles”

With Andrea Archambault

In this interview, Andrea provides us with the 10 principles of intutive eating. She discusses how ditching diet culture and the demonization of certain foods will allow us to make peace with food and our body as a whole. Andrea also clears up the misconceptions surrounding "Health at Every Size" as well as the importance of listening your body and honoring it's current needs.

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About Andrea Archambault

Andrea is an Integrative Nutrition Coach and mom who helps busy women tackle their stress and anxiety by making peace with food and their body. Her passion in helping ambitious women heal their anxiety around food and body was birthed from her own struggles with chronic stress, anxiety, poor body image. In her own healing, she was inspired to help women who are tired of being chronically overwhelmed and are ready to ditch the diet culture and make peace with food so that they can focus on what really lights them up. Andrea is Health at Every Size informed, trained in Intuitive Eating, and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also has additional training around body image resilience and gut health.


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